J2150: A Reflection

Multimedia Journalism (J2150) has been one of the BEST classes I have taken at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Part of that is thanks to my instructor, Matt Veto. Part of that is thanks to my wonderful class mates. Most of it is thanks to what the class actually teaches.

Before this class, I had never taken a quality photo with a quality camera. I had never used audio equipment of any kind. Photoshop or Audacity were intimidating, alien programs. I knew nothing about composition, lighting, nat bumps or ambient sound. I had some experience with Final Cut Pro and video filming/editing, but my sense of sequence and diversity of shots was weak.

I have learned how to take a strong photo. I have learned how to produce an NPR-style audio story (though I need to continue improving my audio editing skills). I have learned to create an engaging audio slideshow. I have learned to produce both online and TV-style video content. In four months, I have become a multimedia journalist.

The skill set I’ve gained and will continue to hone is invaluable. But the critical eye and ear I’ve developed is even more important to my becoming a journalist. I have learned that I can teach myself a lot if I take the time to research questions and practice applications. I have sharpened my journalistic ethics and standards of practice. I have learned what I like and don’t like in journalism, and now know the kind and quality of content I aspire to produce. I have learned that I enjoy and appreciate storytelling in all its forms, and that I want to be a talented storyteller no matter the medium, though my primary focus will be video.

So thank you, Multimedia. Thank you for equipping me to begin my sequence. I feel ready to focus on radio-TV journalism. I feel ready to begin my internship at KTVI Fox 2 in St. Louis. I feel ready to take that next step towards becoming a journalist.


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