“B Heard” Discussion Breaks Down Barriers

MU’s LGBTQ Center hosted a discussion on bisexuality today as part of Pride Month.

Three dozen students attended the “B Heard” talk and discussed bisexual stereotypes, issues within and outside the LGBTQ community, and how to understand people’s identities.

Struby Struble, the LGBTQ Center coordinator, presented a powerpoint to give some background on the subject and initiate conversation. “There is a range of sexuality,” Struble said. “Regardless of where someone falls in that range, all people deserve common respect of who we are and how we live our lives.” 

Suzy Day, an MU Women’s Center employee, said she hopes events like the “B Heard” discussion break down barriers and stereotypes. “Having open dialogue is the best way for students to learn about themselves and their peers, and the best way to promote tolerance and acceptance.”ImageImage


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