My First Night at KOMU!

Last night, I broke the seal. I took a step towards the dream I’ve held since the eighth grade. Last night, something I made aired on the 9 and 10pm Friday-night newscasts for KOMU 8 News.

If you’ve ever watched the news, you’ve seen anchors introduce a story, then speak over footage of whatever they’re discussing. This is called a voice-over, or VO. VOs are usually less than a minute long, telling a story both clearly and concisely.

My job at KOMU is to make those VOs. As a VO patroller for the 9 and 10pm newscasts, I arrive at the station at 5pm every Friday with stories to pitch.
Yesterday, I pitched the Artlandish Gallery First Friday show, the first of the year. The Tiger Chair (aka the professional adult supervising the newsroom) approved my pitch and introduced me to my producers. After exchanging contact information, the producers sent me to the equipment room, I grabbed a camera and tripod and left to cover my first story!

After interviewing artists, visitors and the gallery owner, I shot footage of the artwork and the people. I listened to live music, watched models strut and tasted new foods. That seems to be the biggest perk of this job: meeting new people and learning new things.

When I returned to the station, I uploaded the footage to an editing bay computer. While my video converted, I wrote both the script for the broadcast and a web story for After editing the video, the Tiger Chair approved and finalized my work. Once the VO aired on the 9pm show, I copied it to the 10pm show and added a photo and video to my web story. By 10pm, my job was done.

Every time I had a question, a producer or reporter lent a hand. With dozens of other students to tend to, the Tiger Chair went out of her way to ease things on my first night Having that support made me feel like part of the team. It assured me that it’s ok not to know everything yet.

That’s why I’m working at KOMU: to learn. Classroom learning can never replace professional experience. I’ve earned an opportunity to practice my future profession and I plan to take advantage.

I’ll update this blog with my progress throughout the semester.


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